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Humane Society asks for lend a hand for animals in need


CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. (KFVS) – The Caruthersville Humane Society presented on Wednesday, November 10 that their Helping Fingers foods pantry for pets is empty.

The Helping Fingers foods pantry serves people briefly need of foods for their animals.

“We’ve got got were given spotted such an increase in requests, and a decrease in donations, that we are having to turn away requests for lend a hand all the way through the house,” CHS Director Karol Wilcox mentioned, “Every so perpetually we are in a position to shop for some briefly for an emergency, however our now not peculiar foods pantry is now bare.”

In step with the CHS, their trade has been hit laborious from people being evicted and people shifting out and leaving their dog behind.

“We’ve got got were given taken in several animals on account of evictions, or people shifting to triumph over an eviction and leaving their pets behind,” Wilcox mentioned, “It has hit as at a particularly difficult time with our costs rising and any such lot need all the way through the sector for foods and medical assist.”

CHS mentioned they are soliciting for donations of recent or gently used towels and blankets, Purina dry dog, cat, puppy and kitten foods, wet pedigree puppy or adult foods, wet pate cat foods and any brand of foods for the foods pantry.

They’ll moreover accept donations of toys, treats, bleach, Lysol, paper towels, leashes, collars and new or gently used crammed animals.

Donation items may also be dropped off or shipped at the protected haven Monday by way of Friday situated at 500 E. Business Dr., Caruthersville, Mo.


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